Chinese herbs for sex after menopause

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Foods with a high antioxidant content, including brightly-coloured berries, red grapes, and chocolate, may also help, while spices — chillies, ginger, nutmeg, and curry — are thought to stimulate micro-circulation to the genital area. Our content is further subject to our Terms and Conditions Women: You can order a set of vaginal weights at Vagacare. Choose one or two based on your particular needs.

Chinese herbs for sex after menopause

Our content is further subject to our Terms and Conditions Women: Indeed, a TCM practitioner would advise frazzled older patients to head to the country and be part of nature. Using a vaginal weight a small, round weight inside an oval tube that is inserted into the vagina like a tampon is the best way to strengthen the PC muscle, enhancing erotic sensation and sexual response. Lack of orgasm is related to an interruption in this energy flow. The following are three problems and solutions for a healthy love life makeover. The unique lubricating properties of vitamin E make it especially effective. She commented that when she and Andy did make time they both still enjoyed sex but that motivation was an issue. Many companies manufacture the supplement, and dosages vary—follow the dosage recommendation on the label. The kidneys are considered to be the root of reproductive energy and the emotions, as reflected by the heart, also play a vital role in female sexuality. Even older people can sublimate their sexual energy into other activities. Try these natural solutions to rev up your sex drive. These include… Balancing hormones—which play a key role in both physical and mental aspects of arousal—particularly during the hormonal changes of perimenopause and menopause. Although getting more sleep can help, an herbal program can also assist in restoring libido. At the Yinova Center we start by taking a full history and working out your Chinese medical diagnosis. You can do this standing or lying down. Do this for three months. Add a teaspoonful of the powder to a smoothie or hot drink daily. A simple remedy… Vitamin E. Steelsmith recommends that the best way is balancing female yang energy——passion and activity——with the quiet of yin. Exercise also reduces stress and improves your body image, both of which will help you feel sexier. The herb not only increases sex drive but also improves perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. TCM refers to fatigue as lack of chi or vital force. Within a month Karen was much happier about her sex life. To supply estrogen to these tissues and plump them up with moisture, women can use a natural low-dose estrogen vaginal cream or suppository. Yin is what gives our bodies lubrication and so at the Yinova Center we have found that giving our patients herbs that tonify kidney yin can really help them become aroused easier. Steelsmith notes that trust, communication, and getting out of comfort zones are important factors for restoring libido.

Chinese herbs for sex after menopause

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  1. Extensive research also associates this mushroom with helping build up the adrenal glands--exhausted adrenals are usually tied to burnout--and enhancing immunity.

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