Brittney cason

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It was my pride that put me in this predicament to begin with. So please be comfortable in your own skin, or you might end up with skin cancer. The next person to point out that spot on my face was seven years later when Dermatologist Dr. Click here to view this wonderful video!

Brittney cason

And what he said made so much sense I began seeing people for their similarities, as in being other people, paying no mind to their external differences. The next person to point out that spot on my face was seven years later when Dermatologist Dr. I have a beauty mark! Carbonated jazz, sloe gin soul with open mic, two drink minimum. They did an excellent job, both of filming as Joe and Jason stenciled poems on downtown sidewalks, and of editing the footage into a vivid portrait of civic art in action! The posters depict, and are autographed by, featured writers from this prodigious series. From former windows on the second story, the Canal posters overlook Erie Boulevard. Our story is often one of circling back: So I pulled out my iPhone and scrolled to some black and white baby pics I had from throwbackthursday. Together, they designed stencils, had them laser cut, and then stenciled site-specific haiku at 10 downtown locations. We were selected by the Downtown Committee of Syracuse to participate in the first installment of its Art in the Windows Project. But, the idea had to mature for a year or so until the time was right to bring it to term. Keep an eye out for more Splash Poetry in the warmer months of Erie Canal Museum On the heels of this successful rendering, we found ourselves collaborating with the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor , host of the World Canals Conference , to produce a commemorative poster for the Conference which took place in Syracuse this past September. Joe Murphy and Jason Evan When the original poems washed away, we stenciled them again. I was sitting in a make-up chair having all my flaws covered up for my first TV job. She looked confused as she held up a mirror and pointed out the rather large brown spot on my face. How to avoid it…and the insecurities that led me to it. She joined us just before the opening celebration for the Poster Series. Sugarman the pictures, and next thing I knew I was getting my face numbed for a biopsy. I deserved the skin cancer scare I got. She dashed off a series of video portraits from the event, produced a video on our travelling exhibit at the Upstate Cancer Center , and, for her last work, whipped together a piece on Art on the Porches—click here to view her work at this annual event and here for videos from the Poster Event. The stunning result prompted the organizers to purchase 50 of her beautiful posters as gifts for their speakers at the Conference! The Poster Project joined the flow this year with a series of splashy videos produced largely by enthusiastic volunteers and, in one instance, by professional videographers. I know, shame on me, but as a PSA for those in the same boat:

Brittney cason

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