Blurb bookify reviews

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If you zoom out far enough so the photo doesn't fill the entire placeholder, the picture will be displayed at its original aspect ratio; any border you apply will shape to the photo and not the placeholder. Blurb introduces Bookify online book design tool Published Oct 19, dpreview staff Share Tweet Print-on-demand book publisher Blurb has introduced the Bookify online book design tool. Recently used colors are sometimes available in the palette window but only those from your current session.

Blurb bookify reviews

This review is by no means scientific: Pictures with well saturated primary RGB colors such as deep blue skies or almost pure greens. Here you have all features of the online editor like PDF import, auto-filling, the safe zone trim area etc. The quality-price ratio is very good: Mixbook is far more fun and produces a much more appealing, though more expensive, book than Bookify. A convenient checkbox automatically applies the selected border to all pictures in the book, though these borders don't work with some layouts. Customizable, but text placeholders are uneditable Bottom Line While Blurb is a great site for professional and serious photographers who are looking to publish, and maybe sell, photo books, the consumer-oriented Bookify software is very limited, with no creative flexibility, and the printed book is boring. When you're concerned about the color fidelity of a device output, you should always work with a color managed workflow. Overall Blurb is decent for what it offers but there are so many ways in which it could be better and I will probably have my other daughter use another company when it's time to do her project next year. That allowed us to choose from additional layout options and to create less-symmetrical pages. Standard Landscape 10x8 inches, 25x20 centimeters. A closer inspection, however, revealed some loss in saturation in both blues and greens, but it was much smaller than expected. Whether you use the simple online editor Bookify with its straightforward customization tools, safe zones, auto-save feature and PDF import, or the BookWright software with the advanced features of the online editor and even more — you can be sure that your photo book is in good hands. Just try one of the several applications that Blurb offers to publish a photo book. Bookify's text layouts are fixed, so you can't change, move or rotate text placeholders. Backgrounds are mostly solid colors, with the exception of a couple of sketch-like illustrations. As a plus, if you're an amateur or a pro who owns Adobe Lightroom or InDesign, you can now design and publish a book directly from your favorite application, without any disruption of your workflow. Good but not great. Blurb provides only a generic ICC profile, which cannot be considered by any means reliable. There are various themes, photo papers, covers and book sizes at your disposal in the software, which is available in 7 different languages. Specs Import photos from: Interior pages printed on Blurb's standard paper use a very nice semigloss paper of a good weight, and the book has a solid, quality binding. If you zoom out far enough so the photo doesn't fill the entire placeholder, the picture will be displayed at its original aspect ratio; any border you apply will shape to the photo and not the placeholder. Here's an extremely magnified picture: After careful review, I haven't spotted any problem whatsoever.

Blurb bookify reviews

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