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When I refer to the cardinality of a volume of space I'm referring to the cardinality of the set of units of volume that space occupies, as opposed to the number of dimensionless points in that space. Not the ordinary kind, which are simply modified versions of the standard castes, but an elite secret society with an extremely specialized form. Baator is not smaller than the Abyss Wait, why are you assuming the cardinality of the Abyss is the same as the cardinality of Baator? The spells or rituals the baatezu use to create imps are unknown.


They are made to form battle waves that wash over opponents at the crack of a whip from their superiors. Hence why Asmodeus never leaves the place that instantly kills anyone he doesn't want to be there, ignoring all defenses. They do their best to corrupt the mages they serve and make themselves the masters, but rare and exceptional is the imp smarter than the wizard who summons it. But what happened to them in 5e? Beyond the fact they need souls to propagate themselves - unlike demons, who spontaneously arise from the stuff of the Abyss - it is through torturing the damned that they extract the magical energies they need to slowly wear away at the bindings that imprison them as a whole in Baator. The most reliable chamagons are selected to become hamatulas and keres. Their sour odor is mingled with that of sulfur. Initiatio Decipere Seducere Signare Exsequi Consummare Compensare Voluptatem Capere De Finem Capere In the same vein as month-long contracts, the Baatezu plan out their year-long contracts in the same manner using divisions of three months for each phase instead of three weeks. These baatezu are entrusted with more magic than lesser forms, and are often sent to tempt mortals on the material plane. Bulugons live only in Minauros, where they crawl through the swamps and rain feeding on everything they see. As such they are rarely promoted back to their former form because of the high mortality rate. They are sent in response to summoning spells with the express hope that they'll create as many tieflings as they can before they're banished back to their home plane; most of the goat-legged tieflings you'll see have herlekin blood. A Corruption Devil, also known as a Paeliryon or That Fucking Guy, has a lot of information about a vast number of beings and can use this information to manipulate or blackmail them in a way that is profitable for themselves. There are schools run by Furcas' Ministry of Mortal Relations where baatezu mostly erinyes, with kocrachons to provide inspiration train imps to do their duties. It just means the Devils have larger administrative regions. They're strong warriors who are sent into battle after the cannon-fodder have already exhausted the enemy, so few live to see them. The Abyss has an unknown number of layers with known but it's likely their is not end to them. In a way, their function is similar to that of mortal blackguards, and they often work with them. They can also regenerate parts of their bodies that were cut off and are adept at metalworking. This is why Asmodeus and his minions are so interested in claiming mortal souls. Angels don't have it, either. But the primary purpose of the ice devils is simply this: I'll hurt the baatezu any way I can for as long as I still have a soul to fight with. Lemures are the mouth and gate of the baatezu species, petitioners who have been melted by hellish fire. Apparently he didn't know as much as he thought he did.


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