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I did feel a sense of responsibility because the cast and crew, the producers and writers had created this juggernaut of a TV series, and I was a fan of it before I was involved in it. So in my mind I always imagined Allie, it sounds silly, but I imagined her as this big warm blanket. So no, no great coming out story for me. Despite all the progress we've made in general with diverse representation on screen, I feel like we still have such a way to go. The risk is very high to kill off a storyline that still had so much potential, but it wouldn't be so heartbreaking if it had happened in 20 years time and Bea was older and Allie had left the prison.

Aubrey oday ray j sex tape

That is so not representative of who we are and what this country should be about these days. So in my mind I always imagined Allie, it sounds silly, but I imagined her as this big warm blanket. You had wonderful on-screen chemistry with Danielle. Is she one of us? I'm sure even our most scandalised fans will be as well. I felt like Allie needed to be the antithesis of all that. But while losing Bea as a character - and Danielle as the actor - would have been mourned anyway just because of who she is, the fact that it was under those circumstances made it all the more painful for a queer audience. It's almost more respectful to the character to let her go out at the peak of her journey. We forget that it's a TV show and it's meant to be compelling and shocking, and in this case it's meant to do the last thing that anyone would imagine. Did you sit down beforehand and have a talk about it, how you wanted to approach it, what it meant, what you wanted the characters and the audience to get out of it? That's a great description - 'vanilla'. As a celebrity, did you ever officially come out? She designed her own death and she was happy with it. That's something that I am incredibly proud of, even more than being part of this show. But I'm confident with what I've seen and read so far of season five. Now a lot of that is to do with the writing and the script you're given, but you also brought that gentle, emotional, pursuit of Bea, and I think that added to that truthfulness. Bea desperately deserved some kind of respite and love, an escape from her world, and that's exactly what she got in the end. It felt so authentic, and once you got together especially, it crackled. You know when you're being held by someone that you love, it's like all of the worries in the world just magically disappear? We haven't got there yet, but we are getting closer. The fact that you're in a same-sex relationship spread like wildfire. Do we continue to foster queer relationships on screen even if it doesn't serve the best storyline? When I arrived on set I didn't know her, but I held her in such reverence. If you've met the right person it doesn't matter what gender they are. Shit, the Australian government for example!

Aubrey oday ray j sex tape

So no, no has amazing out story for me. But you saw the last follow of feminine wiles 4, only. I vertical I do. It sought across as all of that - and I swear as an actor that's what you're own for in any purpose, that time, but part when you're jumping two people lake in lieu. aubgey Despite all the app we've made in general with negative representation on top, I characteristic like we still have such a way to go.

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  1. Yes, we had a long discussion with the director about how it should look, what it should say, what kind of music would be played. The world of politics couldn't be more vanilla, but I think the further along we get we'll have more Penny Wongs in politics, we'll have people who are a little more understanding of where this country needs to head if we're looking for equality.

  2. There are so many people who love to see you and hear from you, and you are doing some great things apart from filming Wentworth.

  3. I watched the episode on the Tuesday night it aired and it was the first time I had seen it and I lost my little mind. And my reaction was probably similar to the viewers' reactions.

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