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Phillip Bloom explains how anyone can get started with video When you consider that more modern cameras can record 4: Other more recent Sony models typically only stretch to -3EV instead, but they are, of course, designed for different purposes. But then this would be a very different model, and it comes with its own challenges, such as overheating and the demands on the processor to pump through this much data.


Faster Readout and Processing Sony has proved it knows a thing or two about fast image processing with the Sony A9. Faster frame rates for even slower slow-motion footage would also be welcome to see, particularly as these are now appearing elsewhere. This would simplify vlogging and making solo presentations to the camera. While Canon may be dragging its heel with 4K video, some manufacturers are starting to think beyond it and turning their attention to 6K recording. Battery life on the latter when using the EVF is even more disappointing, at just frames per charge. The use of a new Z-series cell inside more recent models has given battery life a considerable boost. Z-series battery Many recent Alpha models have been supplied with the NP-FZ battery Traditionally, one of the main disadvantages of mirrorless cameras over DSLRs is that they offer a shorter battery life. The longer Sony takes to introduce it, the more likely I think it is that some fundamental changes are being made. Not sure what this is? Any enhanced processor and on-chip memory will be essential to achieving the higher resolution and bit rates. It's true that Sony's last release, the A7 III, stuck with that appeared to be the same viewfinder as the A7S II, but then this would be an expected concession when you consider its lower price point. Of course, if the model does offer video resolution beyond 4K, then this would necessitate a new higher resolution sensor. SonyAlphaRumors states that a trusted source has disclosed that the sensor would be an Exmor RS chip. We see no reason why Sony would drop the tilting mechanism that has featured on previous A7-series cameras, although the company is now using a newer 1. The A9 and A7R III both have a touchscreen and although Sony has made limited use of it for controlling those cameras, it comes in handy. Sony A7S II 1. Why do some SD cards have two rows of pins? Now that it's popped up on a number of newer Alpha cameras, however, we very much expect this will make its way to the A7S III. The A7S II was well received by reviewers and users alike, but three years is quite some time in such a fast-moving sector. Panasonic GH5 Review Improved Autofocus Given its low-light credentials, you might expect the A7S II to have a fast, sensitive autofocus AF system, but its point contrast detection system is pretty poor in anything other than ideal light. This would, very inconveniently, simply cause the camera to stop recording, so a revised internal design that would be better able to keep things cool is definitely something we would expect to see here. This extends the range of colour available making gradations smoother and allowing greater scope for grading. Because of all this, we expect Sony will continue to cap this at 4K. Sony affords a high level of customisation to the A7S II, but anyone who uses the camera for stills and video will find they have to make a few compromises. As the A7S models are partly intended for use in low light, we would expect to see at least the same -4EV rating for the AF working range as before, although it wouldn't be a surprise to see this increased even further down to -5EV. Bodies designed to be portable mean physically small batteries, and a greater reliance on electronic viewfinder and LCD screens also drain a lot of juice.


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  1. Bodies designed to be portable mean physically small batteries, and a greater reliance on electronic viewfinder and LCD screens also drain a lot of juice.

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