Aries woman and sagittarius man linda goodman

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Sagittarius seeks casual relationships, and sometimes they can get so casual they're downright promiscuous. Right away you have to admit he's seldom grumpy. For a long time. Then the flames of their Fire Element natures will ignite all over again, just like the first time. The Mars woman's imagination supplies her with more than enough images of infidelity, without his adding the burden of meaningless winks to her feelings, and to their relationship.

Aries woman and sagittarius man linda goodman

He's pretty fair about sick leave and vacations. Add a little typical Sagittarius luck, and you can see why they're frequently at the head of the parade. The Sagittarius employer is sincere and friendly, and it's obvious he isn't the kind of man to hold a grudge or deliberately hurt anyone. YOU mean you didn't trust me. I know one Sagittarian man who's been promising to marry a charming widow for more years than either of them can remember. Without a cause, the Sagittarian youngster may tear into ideas with such fervor and fanaticism that he can shred his future irreparably. She likes good food and wine, nice clothes, and when she travels, she likes to go first class. His or her strong need for freedom includes freedom from family ties, and these children will strike out on their own extraordinarily early, sometimes neglecting to phone or write for long periods. You can take that old advice, "If you want the truth, go to a child," and switch it to "If you want the truth, go to a Sagiittarian. As for the double chin, lots of people your age have a little flab in the neck region. I told him people were just jealous. He just left for London. Sagittarius has learned to think, to use the intellect, to prophesy and to philosophize. Leave it to Sagittarius. When he does, he'll look slightly be-wildered-and the group around him will be looking daggers. No, actually he's a graceful as a racehorse. Jupiter's vibration also creates a great wanderlust in Sag, and blesses the Archers with occasional flashes of prophetic vision. Whatever number of mean little green monsters do hide in the background of her aura won't have many chances to appear, because her Aries lover or husband also prefers the company of men. The cave man technique went out with Tarzan and Jane, as far as she's concerned. Sagittarius can be anywhere at a minute's notice. Not that Jupiter women are offensively masculine by nature. As a Cardinal sign, he can't help his instincts to lead. At times when the Sagittarius girl strides down the street like a thoroughbred horse, you'll think she's the most graceful woman you've ever watched-until she stumbles on a crack in the sidewalk, awkwardly grabs the awning over the fruit stand to catch her balance and upsets two crates of oranges. The poor secretary was delirious with happiness-until they entered the elevator. Hell stride purposefully forward, head high, and trip over the curbstone.

Aries woman and sagittarius man linda goodman

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