Antique bottle dating coke

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Many collectors are intent on getting every variant of those bottles. Collectors can find an enormous variety in flavor bottles, and most are very inexpensive to collect. The standardized contour bottle was patented in late and became more prevalent as bottlers phased out the straight-sided bottles that preceded the famous design.

Antique bottle dating coke

Graham Glass Company, Evansville, Indiana. The only differences from to present day for embossed bottles are changes in the trademark registration notice and patent notice on the bottles. Amber-colored bottles, sold widely in the South and Midwest, tend to be more valuable than the clear or light green or flint straight-sided bottles that were more common in other parts of the country. Veteran collector John Thom of Woodstock, Ga. This firm probably made more Coke bottles than any other glass manufacturer, at least during the s and s. The stopper contained a seal at the neck. Chattanooga Glass Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Town Names Until the early s, the town where the drink was bottled was embossed on the bottom of contour bottles. This mark is seen on huge numbers of containers imported into the United States, including soda bottles as well as many other types of food and beverage containers. Some of the larger glass manufacturers made Coke bottles and other soda bottles such as Pepsi, etc for hundreds of different cities around the United States. Some are extremely decorative, with a wide range of colors, designs and etchings. The bottle was one of several that had been dug up near Warm Springs, Ga. Several years ago, he came across a straight-sided bottle from the tiny town of Buena Vista, Ga. Trying to amass a collection of Hutchinson bottles today is a major undertaking in terms of both time and finances. This mark was reported on the heel of a hobbleskirt style Coca-Cola bottle, although this picture shows it on a Clorox bottle. Bottles from larger cities are usually easiest to find, and, in general, the smaller the city, the scarcer the bottles. You can find an enormous variation in the sizes, colors and markings of bottles. That's what gave "soda pop" its name. It's a classic case of supply and demand. After the turn of the century, the Hutchinson stoppers were gradually phased out and replaced by bottle caps or crowns. To open the bottle, the consumer punched down on a metal loop in the stopper, which broke the seal and made a popping sound. R within a triangle……………………….. I have a Coke bottle with the mark which is date coded for the year FV connected, as shown …………….. These different motifs are traceable to the exact years in which they were manufactured. Here is a website with lots of info on collecting Coke bottles:

Antique bottle dating coke

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  1. To the naked eye, these bottles will look pretty much the same. In the early s, The Coca-Cola Company sold its syrup to soda fountains, where it was mixed with carbonated water in proper proportions before serving the drink to customers.

  2. To the naked eye, these bottles will look pretty much the same. Because the embossed contour bottles were mass produced, exceptionally durable and available for more than 40 years, they generally have modest values as collectibles.

  3. Some Coca-Cola bottlers carried a line of seltzer, adding carbon dioxide to water to make it effervescent.

  4. His collection has grown to include some straight-sided bottles and even some Hutchinson Coca-Cola bottles.

  5. Some newer collectors may be confused by these types of bottles appearing on online auctions, at flea markets and antique malls in these odd colors. Coca Cola bottles manufactured in New York in the s Source:

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