Adventure time jake explains dating

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It is unclear as to whether he knows T. Upon arriving there, Warren revealed to Jake that he was dying. Next we see Princess Bubblegum kick open the door to her room and run to flop on her bed. She and Jake repeatedly compliment each other as "amazing. Jake pulls the two up.

Adventure time jake explains dating

The five pups attended Tree Trunks' wedding to Mr. In the episode "Time Sandwich," it is shown that Jake respects Mr. Then the fire accidentally spreads to the rest of his leg and Finn screams, then runs in a panic towards a nearby lake. Finn Finn and Jake hanging out Finn and Jake are best friends and adoptive brothers. Jake can be quite selfless when Finn is endangered and will willingly take physical punishment in order to shield his friend. After doing some tricks that Flame Princess and Jake think are funny, Jake pulls him back up on land. Finn laughs and blushes and says "Well, still at Tier 1. He went as far as to watch them through binoculars until 4 a. Jake gasps, "What about Finn?! In " Incendium ," he finds Finn a girlfriend in order for him to cope from Princess Bubblegum, and in " Burning Low ," Jake gave Finn advice about his love life which shows Jake is doing his best to make sure Finn's relationship with Flame Princess does not turn out like his relationship with Princess Bubblegum. Finn tells Jake that his date went great, and asks what Princess Bubblegum was talking to him about. On opening night of the play "Summer Showers," Jake brings the family to watch Viola's premiere, and uses his stretchy powers to create extra arms and fill the room with applause for Viola for her curtain call. Glob Jake, I can't stand it! When Jake was taken by a horde of foxes to be eaten, the pups banded together to create Super Pup, quickly defeating the enemies as Jake was too exhausted to defend himself. At the end of the episode, Warren was thwarted by Jake and thrown into a black hole. Their strong sense of friendship was shown in " Wake Up " when Prismo was willing to give up his life in order for Finn and Jake to enter the Crystal Citadel. Despite his frustration with Jake in the episode, Kim Kil Whan was still very concerned to see his father injured in the skateboarding race, and was relieved to see he was okay. At the end of the episode, Warren was thwarted by Jake and thrown into a black hole, protecting his children. Jake is worried that Mr. At the end of the episode, when Jake's life was saved by defibrillation, Finn is seen to be extremely relieved and crying as well, demanding Jake to never leave him again. However, this ceased when Jake later found out, that Warren had only brought him to his world to absorb Jake's powers, eventually killing Jake. He immediately grasps T. After absorbing the wisdom from her year-old self and gaining a few wrinkles in the process , she realizes she needs to help Jake with the tournament and returns in time to exorcise his competitive feelings from his 20s. Realizing that Warren doesn't really care for him, Jake tricked Warren by calling him "Dad" and regained his powers after revealing he switched the belts. However that backfired as Bronwyn saw through Jake's plan and it didn't help that her grandfather became more popular than her with her friends due to his immature personality as well as knowledge of being cool. Conversely, in the episode " Dentist " it is revealed from Tiffany that Jake had the skills and prowess to lead a successful life of crime as a 'Criminal Juggernaut', was it not for Finn's influence as Jake's younger brother and best friend, who tore Jake away from Tiffany and their life of crime.

Adventure time jake explains dating

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  1. The pups on the other hand, who had inherited the trait of rapid aging from Lady, learned to take care of themselves in a short amount of time.

  2. He is shocked to learn this and tries to deny it, but soon realizes it was true. Upon arriving there, Warren revealed to Jake that he was dying.

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