Adelaide glory holes

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Her wedding was nothing but obscure songs—she aimed to use music that had never before been used in nuptials, and she likely succeeded. Rising, Glenn pulled his phone from his pocket and began to play a song. Imagine the ferns that have died sudden deaths… smothered by volcanic ash, or chomped by dinosaurs. I had design books.

Adelaide glory holes

Two dozen plants still thrived in her living room and dining room: I have buried my own plants in this field. The underwatering was a failed effort to fortify the roots. I had one knee on the ground and was lowering the cactus when Harriet, to my surprise, began a eulogy. Better yet, in another field altogether. I have wholeheartedly obliged. A few pastors have accused me of sacrilege. This is where I bury the houseplants of our community. Spiritually, they crave it. I bury plants and minister to the people who lived with them because my neighbors need this. Glenn was well into his flask by the time he bore his plant to the graveside. Overprotective parents fret that I am scaring their children and exposing them to witchcraft. There would be a room for succulents. Other neighbors learned of the service and, one by one, began asking. She insists on originality in all things. Harriet Tunk had lost her cactus of many years. The calling was not a sensational one—my story has no road-to-Damascus moment. There are seven hundred condominiums in this village, and mine is the western-most one. Just the motion of transferring hands, from Mrs. He knelt next to the grave and cradled the plant. Stewart was not the first in our village of condominiums to request a bagpiper. The next afternoon Tom Murray—a man I know from church—arrived in his kilt and cap. The divorce had been her idea; Mark moving to this village had not been. My house was to be nothing but windows and light and plants. I cannot imagine Earth without ferns. No one pictures anthuriums passing through the pearly gates. After they put their plant in the hole, they soak its dry leaves and its brittle stalks, and they step back and I quietly toss in a match.

Adelaide glory holes

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  1. Homeowners assert that my field is devaluing their property and is violating zoning codes.

  2. The mourners should not feel that their plant is being barbecued. But the more plants I bury, the more I doubt Heaven.

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