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They are very beautifully decorated. And soon her skills took off, and her popularity grew. The Oreo and double chocolate also didn't have a lot of taste.


And soon her skills took off, and her popularity grew. So she did the one thing that brought her peace and happiness: The frosting on the mint chocolate was reminiscent of toothpaste, and not a good one. To be honest, they tasted like a boxed cake, and there was way too much frosting on each. It's Just Okay For a gourmet cupcake shop, the taste of the cupcakes isn't really anything extra special. The orders are now steadily coming in. The cupcakes are small, light, and airy, but we prefer a more dense, moist cake. The ratio of cake to frosting was one to one. I can see how this would be a more unique choice for weddings and large events as an alternative for sheet cakes, but it is doubtful anyone in our group will go there again. Then in February of , Addie's mom was diagnosed with cancer while her dad was still in Afghanistan. The vanilla raspberry surprise and peanut butter chocolate were the favorites among our group. They are very beautifully decorated. We ended up wiping it off. When 2News visited her kitchen, she was busy creating a unicorn cake. The Oreo and double chocolate also didn't have a lot of taste. She became a professional cake maker. Addie Branham runs her own cake shop, Miss Addie's Cakes, out of a kitchen in her family's basement. The banana chocolate was a tasteless banana bread style cake. We tried six flavors-banana chocolate, vanilla raspberry surprise, peanut butter chocolate, Oreo, mint chocolate, and a double chocolate. Her dream would be to one day go to culinary school in Paris, and eventually open up her own pastry shop. Getting this talent at such a young age came at one of the most challenging times of her life. In the fall of , her dad was deployed to Afghanistan. Addie used the money to take a cake-making class. On any given day, she can spend five or six hours fulfilling a variety of orders, including birthday cakes and wedding cakes. All in all, it is not likely that we would go here again. It is a cute shop, and the cupcakes themselves are works of art. She felt all alone.


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