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You know networks love to show the edited version of that movie on tv, sometimes weekend after weekend. The Dells sang and recorded the vocals as the actors lip synced. Bobby and Eddie are the original co-lead singers of the group. Bobby is only seen in the movie's opening scenes when he and Eddie are caught cheating at a high-stakes poker game.


The Midnight Falcons attempt to cheat by ordering their girlfriends to deliberately cheer against The Heartbeats. Tanya and Duck were set to be wed, but Duck's suspicion about Tanya and Choir Boy had him follow her to a hotel only to find out that his brother J. A womanizer; he and his brother Duck share a close and sometimes turbulent relationship. Lamont Johnson as Bobby Cassanova: Chuck Patterson as Jimmy Potter: Lennix as Terrence "Dresser" Williams: Big Red is eventually convicted of Jimmy's murder, forcing the group to sign with a new record label, and causing a guilt-ridden Eddie to leave in disgrace. The Ebony Sparks defeat The Five Heartbeats in singing competitions—many of which are rigged—prior to their mainstream popularity. He is now married to Baby Doll, sings in Choirboy's choir, and manages a group. In all actuality, his name was King…like Martin Luther. Bobby is only seen in the movie's opening scenes when he and Eddie are caught cheating at a high-stakes poker game. Eddie, however, starts abusing alcohol and cocaine , affecting his performance and prompting his girlfriend Baby Doll to break up with him. Sarge is last seen in the hospital on his birthday. Jimmy Potter's wife, Eleanor along with her husband are the original supporters of The Five Heartbeats. After Big Red orchestrates the murder of Jimmy Potter, Bird, who was previously attacked and intimidated by Big Red during a party, joins members of the Heartbeats in testifying against Red and helps to convict him of the murder. How did Choirboy get the role? Choirboy, true to his nickname, has returned to singing in his father's church. The announcer, a cousin of one of the Falcons, forces The Heartbeats to use the house piano player. When Eddie goes into a downward spiral, Flash is brought in as the new lead singer. Leon told Black Voices how he ended up getting the role. Bobby and Eddie are the original co-lead singers of the group. Bobby gets shot in the leg and is replaced by Eddie as the lead singer. Convinced that Jimmy intends to replace him due to his deteriorating condition, he cuts a deal with Big Red to have Jimmy cut out of his contract. At an awards ceremony celebrating their success, Flash announces he is going solo. Eddie's girlfriend, who leaves him after he abuses drugs and alcohol. Roy Fegan as Victor "Bird" Thomas:


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