100 question purity test

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Therefore, one really shouldn't worry too much about getting a high score We knew the scores of everyone on our BBS; we looked askance at anyone under a 40 or so, including one guy who was a 16 and was rumored to have done something with a cat. I feel like I've ticked off the fun stuff already, though, and the parts remaining are mostly pooping on yourself, slipping people roofies, and all the permutations involving someone's mom. Because I used to write for the paper, I still occasionally find myself checking their website in February and seeing what new and bizarre questions they've included this year. They always seemed to be very sexually obsessed focused, and it was always rather apparent to me that the writer did not have very much sexual experience.

100 question purity test

I don't really care about most of the other questions any more, but that one still haunts me. Used a sex toy with a partner? Begged the question incorrectly? Have you ever had an STI test due to reasonable suspicion? Have you ever played a game involving stripping? Do you think I should ask David to delete this one? Some of us got him drunk and convinced him to lower it one more point Still, it's a sad commentary on our culture, really, that homophobia is still so socially acceptable. Have you ever seen or been seen by another person in a sensual context? I think even the quintessential "Purity Test" online has some bi-sexual type questions - e. For example, why would it be impure to come out? Have you ever been sent to the office of a principal, dean or judicial affairs representative for a disciplinary infraction? Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Filmed or photographed yourself or others during sex? We're all sitting on the floor, pencils in our hands, marking off the answers to our questions on our own copies as Dan, one of our number, is reading the questions aloud. Most of the people who concoct these quizzes are teenagers or somethings with a lot of time on their hands, I think. Have you ever had period sex? Have you ever had sexual intercourse in a motor vehicle? Followed by two of the guys picking up their pencils and wordlessly changing their answer to that question. Have you ever had sexual intercourse with a virgin? Had sex with a partner while someone else was in the same room? Have you ever had sexual intercourse in a bed not belonging to you or your partner? But yeah as a freshman in the early 90s this was totally a thing people did. Posted a slyt but actually the video goes to vimeo or somewhere? Participated in an orgy?

100 question purity test

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